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Two thirds of plastic are found toxic, a new study continues showing?

Time to phase out. BPA was banned back in 2012...
   A marine biologist, Martin Wagner, from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and among the co-authors of a report published in Environmental Science and Technology, “The problem is that plastics are made of a complex chemical cocktail, so we often don’t know exactly what substances are in the products we use." Furthermore, he has stated that, “For most of the thousands of chemicals, we have no way to tell whether they are safe or not. And manufacturers may or may not know the ingredients of their products, but even if they know, they are not required to disclose this information.”
   Of the 5,000 types of plastic, there are some 4,000 types of chemicals being used. The study findings suggest that of the plethora of products, some 60% had toxicity. Among these, some 40% induced oxidative stress which can lead to diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease. As well, some 30% had endocrine disruptive effects which can cause cancers, developmental disorders, as well as birth defects.

SO, what alternatives are being used already? 


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