"Surfing is Buenø"

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What the word "Bueno" means to the blog by Gaviota®:


•Means "good"...to take care of oneself, how would I do this and that and the other thing to keep my health and wellbeing of utmost import...? Just like our earth needs maintaining for future endeavors right? Isn't this the case for our garment manufacturing brand, and not to say the lesser of the two issues as they are so interlinked? Sooo, "Surfing is Bueno" means...

We would like to have sustainably made goods, and "Bueno" here is referring to THIS concept of the responsibility to ourself! To surf one must take care of the most pressing thing, Mother Earth...to pioneer an economically soundly-environment "friend" company, making our clothing with the most responsibility we are able to...more soon on this and other ideas having to do with our most concerning issues at hand.

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