The Sea Dwelling Foundation ...Society!?



 The Sea Dwelling is a registered trademark! As well as a 501c3 registered org!



•Vice President. John Hoag

Hoag is not only a highly accomplished yogi, yogic teacher, and translator, he is also a top-notch leadership coach!

•President. Josh Gorfine

Gorfine is also a yogic teacher, a student of Hoag's after returning from a yogic arts program in European ground!


TSDF, Green Signs


    Beginning in 2018, The Sea Dwelling Foundation was named a 501(c)3 Charitable Org., and was thus formed by Gaviota® (apparel) in order to be an effective partner and advocate in ocean & environmental protection causes. Since that time The Sea Dwelling Foundation creates regular updates on our environmental work, for example, at "The Sea Current"...

















Our Purpose!

To create an apparel mark with sustainability.

To create an apparel mark with sustainability...by using such methods as a "low-impact" dyeing process, as well as certified organic fabrics, sweat shop free as well as made in the USA, and onto using a variety of "green practices." Please have a look at our blog often...join the newsletter! Our purpose: "Becoming deeply devoted to, as well as effective in assisting our approaches to maintenance of the environment."


CO2 Project begins with a tree fund! 


•TSDF arts council!?!?


Commorancy (definition of): (countable and uncountable) Dwelling in a place: the habitation of a place.


 CommoranSea Projects (explanation):  Our food came from this resource, or a.k.a. the ocean waters ("enough said")...we live, and inhabit this planet inclusive of the oceans, lets help the ongoing effort to live here now.


The Sea Dwelling Foundation will be announcing many ideas for our environment, up to and including the planting of trees by funding from sales of Gaviota apparel. That's one tree planted for every sale... Reasons include: Carbon footprint offsets. Anybody know of the solid structured process to address our current situation(s) in and around the carbon footprint rise? Well...anybody know how trees are going...? They continue to aid in our mission to offset the CO2 problem. With more to come.