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.The Allah-Las band mate doing a DJ set Reverberation Radio. To play both Mattson 2 and Tomorrows Tulips shows! Yew! With "maybe" 1 or 2 more of the Allah-Las

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The Sea Dwelling Foundation asks what is more important?...When you pick up a piece of plastic garbage on the beach you take part in saving our world's oceans... TSDF asks us all (especially the concert goer) to "Take a plastic initiation"...pick up a piece of trash next time you go to the beach.


2 Dates at The Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara for The Mattson 2 as well Tomorrows Tulips with dj by Reverberation Radio members of the Allah-Las




 TSDFfffff concertseries announcing


●The Mattson 2...! And DJ BY ..."TBD" /Reverberation Radio (of the Allah-Las)... at The Arlington in "Gaviota Surf Wear hometown!" Santa Barbara. More info forthcoming on this.

"TSDFfffs ARTistseries gaviotasurf presents: A Musically Inclining Event of The Mattson 2...dj set by Reverberation Radio"





Soon after alternative/indie group The Mattson 2's recent EP release, this August 2018... "A Love Supreme" on the record label "Spiritual Pajamas".

 From www.mattson2.com...

If you could soundtrack the jangle of the sea and the jazz of the surf, The Mattson 2 would most certainly be the composers. The identical twin guitar and drums duo are truly a marvel of jazz-rock orchestration and arrangement. The duo shimmers and shakes with the soaring modern wizardry of Jared Mattson's untamed, layered guitars and Jonathan Mattson's tribal jazz hard-bop drumming. They channel the gorgeously hypnotic gods of surf, sun, and neon-punk-jazz of our modern universe, evoking evolved realms of experimentalism, rhythm, and story. The identical twin’s deep telepathic kinship navigates colorful forms of beautiful weirdness and exotic landscapes of layered improvisation, transcending the concept of modern musical performance. They have toured relentlessly throughout Japan, Brazil, Paris, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, and the United States. The Mattson 2 have Bachelor’s and Masters of Fine Arts degrees in music from University of California San Diego, and University of California Irvine respectively. Mattson 2 have collaborated/shared the stage with Chaz Bundick, Toro Y Moi, Badbadnotgood, Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero, Cornelius, Chocolat & Akito Katayose, Silver Apples, Money Mark, Thomas Campbell, Nicole Mitchell, Mark Dresser, Farmer Dave Scher, and Tortoise members Jeff Parker, John Herndon, and John McEntire. 




Quietly posted online on Wednesday each week by members of Los Angeles band Allah-Las and friends, Reverberation Radio has grown into a much-loved, internet institution. The podcast serves up an illuminative, heart-warming and enchanting selection of lost gems tracks that become instant favourites - to the point where it's hard to understand how these songs were ever overlooked. 




"WEdnesday" shot by "video artist" Jack Coleman...!


With Tomorrows Tulips new album "Harnessed to Flesh" newly released on November 9th... TSDFffff artists concertseries is very exciting to be on the group's 2018 tour.

Squished between Los Angeles and San Diego, Tomorrows Tulips give birth to a sound that is culled from equal parts pop experience and esoteric interests. A comfortable wave from a van window, paying homage to the DIY aesthetics of undergrounds past. Internet whispers mumble "Pavement at the beach," "lackadaisical affair," loser rock and bummer pop.  Whether it's worshipping alien lanes or getting called Kurt Cobabies, Brent from Further said "Alex and Ford are keeping your underground slightly outta tune rock safe." Tomorrows Tulips initially formed as a refuge from Alex Knost’s then band Japanese Motors(Vice Records) in 2010.  Soon after bedroom recordings blossomed, visual artist Thomas Campbell released Tomorrows Tulips’ debut album “Eternally Teenage” on his then label Galaxia Records.  The sophomore album “Experimental Jelly” was released in 2013 on Burger Records, and exhibited a “more diverse” sound than its predecessor due largely to the addition of Ford Archbold on bass guitar and accompanying vocals. “Experimental Jelly” was recorded by Jamie Dutcher (HOLY SHITSam Flax) whom the group met through mutual shows and tours. Tomorrows Tulips’ 3rd LP "WHEN" showcases the group’s evolution through a blend of pop sensibilities with post punk, noise rock and DIY recording techniques—endeavors that demonstrate the band’s interest in experimentation and impromptu deconstruction. “WHEN” also features current PIXIES bass player Paz Lenchantin on distorted violin and feedback on several tracks.

What is Tomorrows Tulips?

What happened to your big brothers indie rock?

Don't worry Alex and Ford are keeping it safe for you...

Born and bred off the southern California coast both these two dudes are keeping the fine tradition of slightly bummed, slightly happy, slightly outta tune and slightly crafty underground rock music alive. They aren't really 90's revivalists, they are happening now!

They know there was a Velvet Underground before there was a Beat Happening and they know it well.

They know there was a Pavement before there was a Weezer and they know it well.

They know bands recorded on 4 tracks before there was garage band and they know it well.

They know the kids from Burger Records and they know them well.

They have a new LP out called "Experimental Jelly" maybe you should get to know it well.

 -Brent Rademaker (Beachwood Sparks, Further)



Mercy mercy?!